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            嶄猟井 ,ENGLISH 
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          The company is a company specializing in the production of new and efficient adsorption material activated carbon fiber (ACF) series products of high-tech enterprises. Company covers an area of 16500 square meters, fixed assets 16500, activated carbon fiber engineering technology centers and activated carbon factory, has advanced a whole continuous carbon fiber production lines, closely united and more colleges and universities in Shanghai, the use of advanced technology, advanced detection means, joint development and production.At present, the company of activated carbon fibre 60 tons, the products include activated carbon fiber felt, silk, cloth, paper, powder, etc., can be widely used in environmental protection industry of air purification, drinking purification, waste water, waste gas treatment, solvent recovery and heat insulation, health care, chemical, electronics and other fields the company also developed carbon cloth, carbon paper, carbon fiber, water purifiers, fiber activated carbon filter, activated carbon, the soft screen pack, health mattress, deodorant insoles, masks, suction box spirit production such as labor insurance, health care products in the field of life.Company products are mainly exported to the United States, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, southeast Asia and the domestic, deeply domestic and foreign merchants high praise.

          Nantong yong tong environmental protection technology co., LTD pursues "quality first, good faith service". Warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants!

          Nantong Yongtong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
          Add: No.8 Tonggang Road, Nantong, Jiangsu Tel: 0513-85552861、82033686  Fax: 0513-85601395