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          Rayon-based carbon fiber cloth
          Date2013/4/19 Number2846

          The product is made of nature fiber cloth or artificial fiber cloth through charring. It is widely applied in electrode material, medical and health care, chemical poof, shielding and anti-corrosive fields etc.
          heat resistant and fire retardant characters: (low carbon content, rayon-based )
          1. carbon content: 50%
          2. High intensity: the warp and the woof tensile strength is 130/60 Newton.
          3. Good insulation performance, thermal conductance coefficient is 0.090W/m.k.
          4. Excellent fire retardant performance, oxygen index 51%.

          carbon fiber characters: (medium carbon content, rayon-based)
          1、Carbon content:90%
          2、Good conductive performance
          3、Good insulation performance
          4、It can be processed into high-carbon cloth.

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