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          PAN grinding carbon fiber powder
          Date2013/4/19 Number2609

          Grinding carbon fiber system is random dispersion short fiber with length ranges from 100-450μm. The dimension of the fiber contributes the good mechanical and conductive performance of resin. Compared with un-strengthened resin, the grinding carbon fiber can provide high thermo deformation temperature and conductive performance. The plastic and rubber with strengthened grinding carbon fiber will not be deformed and stable in dimension. It is widely applied in electric chip, conductive board and base of electric machinery.

          main technical properties
          tensile strength 2.0GPa
          modulus of tensile 180-240GPa
          percentage of prolongation 1.5%
          density 1.75g /cm3
          resistance rate 1.0-1.6Ω,cm
          carbon content 95%
          single filament diameter 7.0μm

          packing for short-cut carbon fiber, grinding carbon fiber
          5 bags each box, net weight 5kg, box dimension: 37cm〜37cm〜40cm
          Pack with 0.1mm thickness seal film in the corrugated case.

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