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          Active carbon fiber health care mat
          Date2013/4/19 Number2544

          The product adopts the international edge-cutting technology active carbon fiber and can remove the moist, odor, keep warm and to disinfect. It is widely used in hospital, the old welfare institute, family, hotel and ships. It can be used as the health care and cleaning bed utensils for the old, the sickbed and babies.
          1. with extreme specific space area and strong hole, it can adsorb the peculiar smell and water from human beings. It should keep the air and bedding clean to avoid the decubitus for the sichbed.
          2. Abundant micropitting owns good warm keeping effect.
          3. with highly effective sterilization function, it can to disinfect ten kinds of normal bacterial.
          4. It can be used repetitively. Get it exposed to the sunshine or heat fan to remove the adsorbed materials and recover its adsorption capability.

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