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          Yongtong mineralize activation water purifier
          Date2013/4/19 Number2617

          Fudan Yongtong mineralize activation water purifier is the latest drinking water equipment which combines purification, mineralization, activation and sterilization. It adopts the most advanced technology and convenient in operation, which can be matched with family water dispenser.
          1. The product adopts the filter element cup which is made by highly-effective adsorbing material active carbon fiber. It can remove the floating impurities, odor, organic material, ammooinacal nitrogen, residual chlorine and heavy metal in the water.
          2. It adopts the advanced silver infiltrated technics which can kill the bacterial in the water for long time and resist the reproduction of these bacterial.
          3. It adopts advanced medical stone mineralized ball which can release over twenty kinds of micro elements which are good for human beings and owns good medical functions.
          4. It adopts the far infrared active ball and owns the function as active water. It can dissolve the big macromolecule group into small ones and increase the oxygen content in the water, which can therefore improve the life form activeness as well as the immune system of human beings.

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