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          Formaldehyde remover
          Date2013/4/19 Number2631

          -- On the basis of some relative technology imported from Canada, the technician in the company did the research on the latest formaldehyde remover. It is the granular formaldehyde remover which combines adsorption, catalysis and dissolution by adopting the nanometer technology and powder forming technology.
          The main component is the amaranth spheroidal granular made by multihole compound material through special treatment. The abundant reactive group on the surface can capture and adsorb the flowing formaldehyde and benzene molecule in the air and transfer into non-poisonous and tasteless reaction product. Meanwhile the amaranth spheroidal granular will turn into mahogany and even black. It can not only remove the formaldehyde effectively, but also benzene, toluene and ammonia.
          The product has pass through No.101401 inspection from the China Indoor Decoration Association Inspection Center, and the formaldehyde removing rate is over 90%.
          main characters and performances
          1. The red spheroidal granular after special nature treatment;
          2. Capture, adsorb and remove the harmful gas such formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene;
          3. The color changes from red to mahogany shows the harmful gas has been removed;
          4. Disposable product can be discarded when all red spheroidal granular turn to mahogany or black.
          Using method: put it in the car, clothes chest, drawer or under the wood floor after unpacking.
          Caution: please put it in the place where the babies can not touch it. It is not edible.

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