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          Conducting Carbon Fabric Filament
          Date2013/4/19 Number2454

          This product falls into two types of direct viscose and PAN, which is a composite material of high performance, and one of the key new materials of reinforcement fibers. It is featured with high strength, small specific gravity, and good electric conductivity etc, for which the product is widely used in military departments as space navigation, space flight, and aviation; at the same time, it is outstandingly used in automobiles, textile industry, machineries, sports products, and sealing materials etc.

          Main Technical Parameters:
                Filament diameter:μ 7-20
                Tensile strength Mpa 240
                Modulus Kg/c m2 2000
                Density g/c m3 1.61-1.64
                Carbon content % −90

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