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          Active carbon soft bubble filter screen
          Date2013/4/19 Number2503

          Active carbon soft bubble filter screen is one of the main products of company. The filter screen adopts latest modern technology to purify special excellent active carbon powder and plant it in the PUR cotton with three dimension structure to form the mesh adsorbent. It is good at absorbing the harmful substance such as odor, peculiar smell, methanol, bacterial etc. as well as air dust. Absorption capacity is big, so as for the porodity, with honeycomb-like structure. The honeycomb-like active carbon filter screen is the purification filtering screen frequently used in all kinds of air purifiers, air condition, oil and smoke purifier etc. it can also be used in daily utensils, such as mattress, pillow inner and fridge deodorant which is popular in the market.

          product specswidth 1*2M
               thickness 3-30MM
               aperture、 fine、medium、large
          main indexcarbon content −40%
               benzene absorption rate−28%
               tetrachloride carbon absorption rate −50%
               L怦air resistancetake 10MM as example +20P
               dust collecting rate −85%
          We can also provide sizing according to customer dimension requirements.

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