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          Fibrous active carbon filter screen
          Date2013/4/19 Number2525

          Fibrous active carbon filter screen is made of excellent powdery active carbon, combining the macromolecule binding material to absorb in the fiber base. It is of good absorption performance, especially for the harmful gas such as odor, benzene, xylene, formaldehyde, methanol etc as well as the air dust. With big absorption capacity, good forming performance, high intensity and small air flow resistance, it is mainly applied in air purifier, air condition, filter, oil smoke purifier, water purification and gas adsorption. It is also used in advanced family textile, flavourless furniture (such as shoes chest and clothes chest), deodorizing daily utensils (such as rubbish can).

          main indexcarbon content −40%
               benzene adsorption rate −28%
               tetrachloride carbon adsorption rate −50%
               air flow resistance+80P
               dust purification rate −85%
          product specswidth 1M
               thickness 3 -25MM

          We can also produce all kinds of filter screen with each specification as customer requirements.

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