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          Active Carbon Cloth

          This product adopts hi-qualified granular active carbon and nonwoven fabric compounded through special production processes, having good adsorptivity and high strength and features that is easy to be molded, of small resistance, and long service life etc. The cloth has very good adsorptivity to polluted air by benzene, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide, sulfhydryl compound, and ammonia etc. with the ability to filter out dust and particles; can be widely used in indoor and automobile air purification and industrial and family water purification.

          Main Parameters:
          Carbon content£¨g/m2£© ¡µ300
          Basic weight:£¨g/m2£© 350¡«500
          Thickness£¨mm£© 0.8-1.2
          Air filtration rate£¨L/m2.s£© 1100
          Differential pressure£¨Pa£©(0.3m/s) 50

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