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          Active carbon cloth
          Date2013/4/19 Number2623

          Active carbon cloth is one of the products of active carbon series. It is made of excellent active carbon and special non woven fabric. With advanced equipment and fine technology, the active carbon cloth is with stable quality, good evenness, fast absorption speed, large absorption capacity and strong purification capacity. It enjoys good comments among customers both at home and aboard and is adopted by many manufacturers specialized in active carbon mask, water purification filtering element and insole.
          The company is one of the manufacturers of active carbon mask cloth and currently annual output reaches to 10 million m2. Active carbon cloth is the core material for disposable active carbon mask. The four layers plain active carbon protective mask made of this material can effectively absorb all kinds of industrial waste gas, such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia etc, and can be widely applied in chemical industry, pharmaceutical and painting industry with heavy pollution operation. The product is of supreme performance and enjoys good domestic and overseas market.

          main index
          carbon content 30-50( % )
          benzene absorption 8-45(w%)
          grammage : 35g 40g 45g 60g
          width 0.9m 1.0m 1.1m
          roll length : 500m 1000m
          Special specifications can be met by customer requirements and we can provide cutting for customer.

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