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          Honeycomb active carbon

          Collaborating with several colleges in Shanghai, we successfully made out the new carbon product with multiple hole structure and strong pore space, big specific space area and small flowing resistance. It is of good adsorbing performance and suitable for organic waste gas treatment with big air flow and low concentration, such as triphenyl waste gas. It also applies to the indoor air purification, oil smoke air purification, removing the odor in fridge and copycat and can also be used as catalyst carrier.

          technical index£º
          main components: excellent active carbon
          specs£¨ mm £©£º 50X50X100 100X100X100
          aperture density£¨apperture /in2 £© 50-300
          bulk density£¨ g/ml £©£º 0.3-0.55
          benzene absorbing rate£¨ % £©£º £¾ 20
          desorption temperature£¨¡æ£©£º £¼ 120
          superficial air veloeity£¨ m/s £©£º bed thickness 600mm resistance 490Pa 0.8
          positive compressive strength£¨ MPa £©£º 0.8
          lifespan ( Y ) £º 4
          Special material and dimension can be made by customer requirements.

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