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          Honeycomb photocatalyst filter screen
          Date2013/4/19 Number2655

          The photocatalyst material will deposit on the PUR honeycomb mesh material and be made into the dimension customer required. Due to the random through hole structure, it owns excellent treatability and air perviousness performance. It can be easily formed and widely applied in many fields. With relative lower cost, it is popular in the market and is the photocatalyst filter screen with maximum utilization rate.
          Photocatalyst filter screen (photorecovery filter screen) is to let photocatalyst deposit on the filter material base, combining with active carbon. The active carbon will work through the abundant aperture on the surface to absorb the hazardous and noxious gas in the air, such as aldehyde, benzene and nitrogen-oxide, as well as all kinds of peculiar smells and odors. Irradiated by the light (ideal ultraviolet wavelength 253nm), the photocatalyst can oxidative decomposes the pollutant absorbed by active carbon, and transfer it into un-harmful CO2 and H2O. Meanwhile it owns broadspectrum and long-effective sterilization function. Photocatalyst works like the chlorophyll in photosynthesis. It only provides the reaction location but will not take part in the chemical reactions itself. Therefore it can be used for long time. It is one of the new air purification filter screens for air condition, air purifier, and motor purification and heater manufacturers.
          working mechanism
          Stimulated by the light, the photocatalyst will produce electron-hole pairs, which will capture the OH and O2 in the air to form the O2- 、 O- with strong oxidizing property. It will quickly oxidize the pollutant and peculiar smell and decompose into CO2 and H2O. Because of strong oxidizing property, it can damage the cytomembrane of bacteria and kill it.

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