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          PAN Carbon Fiber
          Date2013/4/19 Number2619

          The PAN based carbon fiber is mainly provided in 1K 、 3K 、 6K 、 12K 、 24K 、 45K 、 60K for prepreg, twisting, pultruding, braiding and electric conduction . The surface treatment can improve the combining intensity between the fiber and resin interface. And size can protect the fiber and improve the processing performance, with good compatibility with Epoxy and vinyl resin. It can reject the electromagnetic wave, provide self-lubrificating, abrasion resistant, absorb power and reduce vibration, fatigue-proofing, with long lifespan and low coefficient of heat expansion The product widely applies to industry, construction project, sport instruments, aviation and national defense.

          tensile strength:3.2-3.6GPa
          tensile modulous:220-240GPa
          percentage elongation :− 1.4%
          cross section shape:circle
          fiber diameter:7μm
          number of twists:none
          carbon content:95%
          heat conduction10-160w/m.k

          1. Twist on the drum with inner diameter 76mm or 83mm and length 280mm.
          2. The fiber weight of each drum is 1.0-4.0Kgand maximum 6kg. carbon fiber is packed with plastic paper, 6 drums per carton.

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